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52nd Ambulance Train

nick ward408

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Hi People,

Have found a letter sent to my Great Grand Mother sent 17/3/18. Its contents don't really shed much light from who it is from, just general talk about the family etc and the good old fav the weather! However the author has left a P.S.' to send future letters via 52nd Ambulance Train as the number has changed'.

My guess is its maybe a nurse friend who sent it? any help would be very well received.

Kind REgards


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Hello Nick

52 Ambulance Train went from the UK to Macedonia in March 1918 so it looks as if the card meant "I've arrived."

In 1914 the establishment of an ambulance train was two officers, six NCOs and 39 Privates of the RAMC. At that stage there were no female nurses: the train had 33 trucks, each of which carried twelve patients, and there was a nursing orderly for each truck, plus cooks, batman, a dispenser and so on.

The renumbering may be due to the fact that, at first, the trains in each theatre were numbered from 1 upwards, but later all those outside the Western Front were renumbered in a single series.


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The file reference is WO95/4941, not 494.


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Hi guys,

Absolutely blinding answers, makes sense being Macedonia as the writer is saying how they are dreading the hot summer coming, thanks so much for the replies.

Kind Regards


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