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Unusual medal card


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Hello all, I'm hoping you might help me on this conundrum : I download this 3rd medal roll card from the NA for my great-grandfather HUGH GRANT MACKENZIE, who served in the British Army, It appears to be a sort of leave card though, detailing when he fell ill, was granted a leave, and when he was discharged from the army for medical reasons in 1938. He then left India where he was with the Royal Indian Army Service Corps (RIASC) by Bombay all the way to Netley hospital in England.

Might the number on the top left of the card be his long number from after 1922 ? He served from 1914 onwards.

Here is the card


1. What does the (A.C.) under the crossed out "Lieut." text mean ? Acting captain ?

2. Can you decipher the name of the place mentioned after : "Arrived From" ? Pachsa Dunn ?

3. Does anyone know what the text after "Order Granting" mean ?

Thanks a million !

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Woah, great thanks for the prompt reply. It might very well be Dehradun, snce it was used as a british army base from 1815 onwards. It looks like the other writing is probably "medical", too, good eye !

On another note, might "35581" be his long number, or is it too short ? (Top left, After "M.N.")

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1. Not sure.

2. Believe it to be Dehra Dun also

3. Think that could be Meerut - the base at which leave was granted.

I don't think that is his army number. I checked the UK, Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1949 on Ancestry and found the following record:

Name:H G Mackenzie

Campaign or Service:India

Service Date:1920-1935

Service Location:India

Regiment or Unit Name:Indian Army Service

Regimental Number:1038332

Looking at the image attached, if it is Hugh Grant Mackenzie, 1. could mean Acting Lieut.



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Woah, that is exactly him ! Amazing. I'm just starting to delve into this kind of historical research, and it's really fascinating. Thanks! I now know which division he was in at the time.

I know he was promoted Lieutenant (from Conductor) in 1935, so I discover then he was sub Conductor in 1923.

I recognise him because his medals bear the "1038332" number. Other medals bear another reg. number ("50954") when he was serving with the Royal Field Artillery (RFA). I thought new army long numbers were distributed in 1922 though, and since I see no (new) long number there, the form being dated Nov 1923, does it mean they still used reg. numbers at the time ?

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