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Temporary military hopital

Guest Birmingham pals

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Guest Birmingham pals

Looking into my family history, I have found out that like many of us had relatives who fought during the great war.

My Grand-father was no execption so was his brother. both where sent to the Somme and paticipated on the offencive of July the 1st 1916.

Great Uncle Walter Albert did not survived the day & his body was never found. Although he name doses apear on the Thiépval Mémorial.

Grumpy-bear as was known to us kids was wounded at the somme battlefield. he was (I supposed !) treated on a temporary hospital.

Is there any where could I find a list of such hospital and their locations ?

Or is there some one who have already done such research and could help me out ?

Other question : As soon it was possible he was transfered back to England ! But by which port (In France England) would have he been going through and by which ship?

Thanks for any help you give me.

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There's a list of military hospitals on the Long Long Trail website (link top left of this page).

Unless his service papers survive (check Ancestry or the National Archives) it'll be impossible to work out his exact evacuation route.

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