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My Great Uncle, Thomas Spence, may have been killed by friendly fire while a POW in Abancourt, north east of Cambrai.

He was apparantly captured on or after March 21, 1918, and is listed as "Died of Wounds" on April 2, 1918.

In other posts in this forum it was postulated that he was working as POW labor and died because of that.

Does anyone have access to bombing/shelling missions that may have covered that area on April 2, 1918?

Alternatively, does anyone have information on the German units in that area?

Thanks so much.


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I don't think anybody can really help you there. During the 1918 offensives British OR POWs were frequently used as working parties in front line or just behind the lines by the Germans. Sadly, many were killed by friendly fire like your great uncle. I think the book "Black Bread and Barbed Wire" has an account(s) of this.

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<br />Thank you for your assistance. I'll have to get that one.Gordon<br />
<br /><br /><br />

The nagging question in my mind is...were the Allies shelling/bombing/strafing that far behind the lines on April 1/2 1918?

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