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Eric Peregrine Platt

Bradford WW1 Group

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Please could someone identify who/what this man served with? It doesn't sound like a Regiment! How would he have spent his time in the war? He was born in Bradford but brought up in London, the son a clergyman. Attended St John's Foundation School for the Sons of Poor Clergy at Leatherhead, Epsom.

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41st Dogras is an infantry regiment of the British Indian Army. I suggest you try the internet for more information initially although there may well be an expert on the forum.

You might have more success in attracting them if you repost under '41st Dogras' in the formations/ regiments section.

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LG 23 July 1918,admitted as 2/Lt to IA from unattached list:-

Eric Peregrine Platt. 25th June 1917.

Richard Bampfield. 25th June 1917.

Cecil Douglas Lovett Turner. 25th June


Harry Claude Champion. 22nd June 1917.

D'ouglas Graeme Robertson. 23rd June 1917.

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