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There is a need to clarify the subject of this sub-forum.

Here is an extract from forum rules : This forum is specifically designed to discuss matters relating to the Great War of 1914-1918. Clearly, on occasion, discussion necessarily drifts into related areas and this is permissible. There is also an off-topic area for non-WW1 discussion for the category of members whose status has been raised to "Old Sweat", which takes place at 100 posts.

The rules apply as much to this sub forum as to others. Where a topic is primarily related to affairs in Ireland during the Great War then this sub forum is its proper place.

If a topic relates primarily to events in Ireland outside the period of the Great War then it does not belong here and it should be posted in Skindles provided that it otherwise complies with the rules.

Topics that discuss the war are not automatically off topic if they take or require discussion of events after the armistice. It is not possible or desirable to give an exhaustive definition of what is acceptable. A debate for example about the conduct of the Great War held many years later would be a proper topic, while an event otherwise does not become a great war topic because persons referred to served during the war. This does not exclude the raising of possible non-commemorated individuals in the appropriate sub forum provided their date of death falls within the date range used by CWGC, 1914 to 1921. Moderation of topics always calls for judgement, and we trust that members will appreciate this and open threads in appropriate sub forums only.

Nothing in this guidance is a criticism of members who were previously under the impression that a different rule applied in this sub forum, nor do the forum rules in any way inhibit for example discussion of present day research into the fallen of the Great War in the appropriate sub forums.

Keith Roberts for GWF team

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