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Royal Dublin Fusiliers - Wilson Baggaley


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Hi guys,

Here is one of my new find - medal what belonged to the Pte. Wilson Baggaley, 40785. Victory Medal named to RDF. He also served with the Labour Corps (409245) and Lancashire Fus. (60789) as MIC states. Unfortunately no service papers on ancestry.

I think I found him on census - he was from Derbyshire and born around 1874-1875 (probably 1874).

I just wondering what was the time limit for New Army battalions? He was entitled only VM and BWM, so I presume he didn't serve with the regular pre war units.

Also I am not familiar with this kind a transfers when he served with the Labour Corps between the "front line unit". Can we quess that he served with Lancashire garrison or reserve battalion only? Hopefully medal roles can confirm it.

If any of you has any ideas/info about that man and his service (especially with the RDF), please let me know.

Kind Regards,


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The Labour Corpsnumbers places hm in either 882 or 883 Company (probably 882)

He would almost certainly have transferred to the Labour Corps in October 1917.

These two Companies were Garrison Guard Companies. In April 1918 882 became part of the 4th Provisional Guard Battalion and at the end of May this Battalion was redesignated as the 23rd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers.


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Honestly - didn't believe to find out so many details! Great informaion and thank you very much!:thumbsup:



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