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Class or Catergory of men for conscription


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Dear forum members, can anybody point me in the right direction to get a list of catergories for men for conscription depending on their medical. i.e. Class A1 or Catergory A1 i take it was first class (C1 opposite end of the scale). Thanks very much.

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A man's medical category had no influence on him being deemed to have enlisted under the Military Service Act. He was, as long as he was within the defined group and did not make a claim to being in one of the categories of exceptions defined by the Act.

Did you really mean to ask about the effect that his placement into a medical category had after he had been enlisted?

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Accepting what Chris says that the category had no effect on him deemed to have enlisted under the MSA I think what you are looking for is the general classification introduced by the War Office in 1916 (no doubt someone will come along with the relevant Army Order); you usually see it on discharge papers rather than the medical history sheet on enlistment.

A = Fit for General Service

B = Fit for service abroad in a support capacity

C = Fit for home service

these were then graded 1, 2, 3, with A1 being the highest.


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