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Mystery photo. Soldiers at camp somewhere


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I'd be grateful for any light that Forum members can throw on the attached photograph. It is an undated, unposted postcard bearing the name C J Wilkinson, 97 Huxley Road, Leyton, N.E on the front presumably that of the photographer.

The photograph shows a group of soldiers at camp somewhere. They appear to be wearing uniforms of WW1 vintage, but there is nothing I can see that is clear enough to indicate what regiment(s) they are and where the camp is. I've enlarged sections of the postcard, which might give a few clues.

1. The shoulder of the soldier on the left has the letters . . . ESTER, but I can't make out any more: Manchester, Leicester, Gloucester? He also has a badge on his arm, but the original is too fuzzy to see clearly what it is.

2. The soldier lying down in the centre has a badge on his arm and also on his cap, but again they are too fuzzy to see anything clearly.

3. The soldier on the right is wearing a slouch hat. Might this be a Yeomanry regiment, and might it even be pre-WW1?

If the photographer came from Leyton (now London E10), presumably the camp was somewhere nearby. I live almost next door in Leytonstone, London E11 and I'm not aware of any WW1 camps in the area. Were camps sited in nearby Epping Forest perhaps?

Any ideas would be most welcome.






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Having looked more closely I would guess that the regimental badge and shoulder title is Gloucester (territorial??) post WW1, I'm no expert in badges but thats what it looks like to me, the shoulder title looks like its cloth which I thought is post ww1, maybe with a 'T' ? under it. however I am quite happy to be corrected by those with more expertise and better eyesight.

good luck


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Hi Wearing a battered slouch hat in photos of my local Territorial unit is often a sign of an ex Boer War vet, and are only seen pre WW1. It would be a rare thing to see one post WW1 if this unit follows the same pattern of 'camp' dress. It could have come home from another theatre of course! The number looks like T4 to me.


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Please find attached another photo by this same photographer C J Wilkinson. It is from my grandpa's wife's postcard collection. My grandpa was James Sidney Cleaver who was briefly in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment in 1916 before transferring to the Tank Corps in 1917. His wife's brother Albert Beaufoy was also in the Royal Warwicks.If these photos are from 1915, it may be concerning Albert Beaufoy.

First name(s)

Albert V

Last name




Service number





Royal Warwickshire Regiment

Service record

Soldier Number: 266569, Rank: Private, Corps: Royal Warwickshire Regiment

JS Cleaver wifes postcard book.jpg

Royal Warks regiment Identity Card 21878 5 Oct 1916.jpg

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Just found this postcard which was for sale on Ebay from a seller at

40 Westbury Road





United Kingdom

Real photographic postcard a group of men serving with a battalion of the Worcestershire Regiment [ believed to be 2nd line territorials ] on a washing fatigue. Photo by C.J. Wilkinson, 97 Huxley Rd, Leyton NE. Plate no 594


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   This overlaps with an interest of mine-  an Ilford photographer, Flatan, who was on much the same circuit as Wilkinson in 1914-1915- particualrly the New Armies who often formed up in camps on the outskirts of London-  the east in these cases. All information welcome -as any that are dated and have numbered plates may narrow down  who and when for some of the others which are a bit of a mystery.

     I know there is something on Wilkinson tucked away locally but I will wait for the next local WFA meeting and ask 

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