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Mike, the Nicholson book is available as a searchable PDF from DoD or as a Word document from the Matrix.

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Thanks Broznitsky. The matrix is an excellent resource. In fact the Canadian records are fantastic. I see there are many diaries being transcribed, any idea when they will be available, that's a lot of work.


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Hello Skipman

The CEF Study Group has separate section on its discussion forum for war diary transcriptions. In addition, GrandsonMicheal (member on both sites) has created an MS-Word template to keep the same format and to ensure these transcribed war diaries are compatible. From experience, it is usually best to do the transcription in teams of two people - the second member greatly reduces the number of original errors. I am hoping one of the members of our discussion forum also provides the list of transcribed war diaries.

Speaking from experience, you really do learn a lot more about a unit (events, character, mood, personality of the diarist etc.) when you have read and typed in the daily journals.


Borden Battery

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