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According to LLT 13 Heavy Battery, RGA raised for 13th Division, the Battery was ordered to France on 30 May 1915 as part of XVII Heavy Brigade. On 23 October 1915, it joined 28th Division and moved to Salonika. On 26 February, left Division and joined XXXVII Heavy Brigade13th (New) Heavy Battery was raised for 13th (Western) Division, but was ordered to France on 30th May 1915 as part of XVII Heavy Brigade. On 23rd October 1915 it joined 28th Division and went to Salonika.

Can anyone please tell me where the 13th Heavy Battery were in France between 2nd June 1915 and to their departure from Marseilles on 16th November 1915?

Also an explanation of a "Heavy Brigade" would be much appreciated.

My husbands grandfather (a veteran of the Boer War) served with this Battery.

Many Thanks

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Hello linj

Throughout that time, 13 HB and XVII Heavy Brigade were under the command of First Army, in the Lens-Armentieres sector. They were almost certainly heavily involved in the Battle of Loos in September 1915.

The War Diaries at Kew will give you more information:

WO 95/388 17 Brigade Royal Garrison Artillery 1915 May - 1919 Apr.

WO 95/388 13 Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery 1915 May - July

(for the later period, the brigade diary should give you details of the battery's doings.)

You may have to make a personal visit to Kew as I don't think the artillery diaries have been made available digitally on the web yet, but there are several RGA experts on the Forum who may already have the info you need.

The grouping of RGA batteries varied over time but between Feb 1915 and April 1916 a heavy brigade usually consisted of three heavy batteries, armed with either 60-pounder guns or the older 4.7-inch guns. XVII Brigade contained 13, 48 and 1 Canadian HBs, all armed with 60-pounders.


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