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I usually find all of the men I am looking for but occasionally hit a brick wall.

Examples -

5251 Driver E Morris RFA - I realise he has a name which will throw up a large number, but with the number, I had hoped the list would not be in the hundred of thousands. Is it me doing something wrong or just the 'system'

70878 Pte Thomas Heanicon - I presume they have either misread the name or all of my records are wrong!

Is there a way of reducing the number of hits one gets with common names and a way of researching unusual names which do not show up on the search.

I am using the WW1 Military search usng name and then number in the extra info.

Any thoughts would be most welcome.


Steve M

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Hi Steve M, sometimes when i can't find names i go to National archives website and input surname and number this usally gives the

first name which in this case is Emanuel and then makes it easier to find in ancesty. MIC in Ancesty as it as L/5257, hope this helps.



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You can find the MIC for Thomas Heanicon under "Thomas Heaney" using his same number.

Service numbers work best if you restrict it to the first three numbers plus a wildcard (eg. 708* or 525*)

Using this method I found the MIC for Emanuel Morris RFA indexed as L/5257 but the card looks like it might be L/5251.

EDIT: A little late but the same info

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Hi Steve, found this on N.A. might be him, i had some soldier's that ancesty had no mics for

so that may well be the case here.


Helps if i input name (Heanicon) http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline/details-result.asp?Edoc_Id=2963746&queryType=1&resultcount=1

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Thanks to you both. I am now well armed to tackle the difficult ones.

Found both men with ease after your help.

Many thanks


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Hi David, looking for service no's near to RAMC 41263, done what you said about wildcard and a load came up close to that number,

learning things everyday on here.

Kind regards Walter.

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