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59th BTN CEF (Ontario)

Guest AusMedic

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Guest AusMedic

Hi all,

My Grandfather joined the 59th Bn CEF in 1915. I have found his Attestation paper but that is as far as I got. Unfortunately my uncles can't give me much information about him other than he served in France and during WW2 he assisted in the evacuation of Dunkirk (he was too old to join). One of my uncles may have sold my grandads medals after he died so none of them can tell me what he was awarded. Nor could they tell me what corps he was in or exactly where he served. I am a current serving member of the Australian Regular Army and due to my family living in the UK, getting info out of them is difficult, probably because they have no idea about Grandad. Any assistance in finding his corps and medals awarded would be great.

Name: RODWAY, Alfred John

Regimental Number: A54426

DOB: 03 June 1896



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Good evening Richard,

From the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) site where you found his attestation paper, you can also order his service record. Other databases at LAC provide the CEF War Diaries and other information can be sought through their records. I have put together a series of pages that introduces researching Canadians in the CEF that should provide some help. The first page covers identifying and ordering the service record, Part 4 covers looking up the war diaries.

Researching Canadian Soldiers of the First World War, Part 1: Find your Man (or Woman)

The 59th Canadian Infantry Battalion was raised at Barriefield, Ontario, with a recruiting area covering East Ontario and Hull (PQ). It served in England from 11 Apr 1916 to 6 Jul 1916, and was broken up into the reinforcement system, having no service in France as a unit.

The record of service sheets in his service record will verify what units he served with and the dates he joined and left each of them. To confirm what medals he was awarded, there will be a copy of his medal card in the service record that will confirm what was issued and to whom it was sent.

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