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Victoria Cross - The New Zealand Story stamp book


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My copy of Victoria Cross - The New Zealand Story stamp book arrived today from New Zealand. It was a bit expensive but I am delighted with the product. It is a 108 page hard-cover publication including limited edition stamp product, citations, imagery and more. There are full colour portraits of all 21 New Zealand Victoria Cross recipients with seven pages each with three of the stamps of recipients plus one page with a stamp of the Victoria Cross for New Zealand with the details Bill Henry Apiata – 2004 – Afghanistan. Bill Apiata’s portrait is not featured on a stamp but his photo appears in a chapter on his exploits. The book also includes a sheet of all 22 stamps. The price of the book is $NZ79.20 which includes $NZ26.40 of stamps since there are two of each stamp in the book. The appendix list six New Zealand born recipients in other forces and others with a New Zealand association. There is also a list of recipients of British forces awarded the Victoria Cross in New Zealand between 1860 and 1866. Only two errors jumped out at me. La Basse Ville is correctly spelt as the place where Leslie Andrew was awarded the Victoria Cross but the village is in Belgium not France. Among those who subsequently served with the New Zealand Forces is Charles Pye, 53rd Regiment in the Indian Mutiny. His middle name is not Colquhoun. I am delighted to have bought a copy and well recommend it. See http://stamps.nzpost.co.nz/new-zealand/2011/victoria-cross-story

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i come across an article in a Coventry paper that was about a NZ VC winner, apparently his family emigrated from Coventry just before he was born and he went on to win the VC. Havn't got the article to hand at the minute but will post later, does this ring any bells. it was during WW2

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