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Hi All, On a resent visit to the N.A. to look at the war diary of the above, i found on the day that i was researching ( 26/3/1916) two map ref, and trench names. Q.10.d.75 & Q.16.b. Clonmel avenue, 1st avenue. I have linesman10, but iam unable to find any reference to either map ref or trench names. could they be on map no 57D.s.w ?. I would be very greatful for any help, thankyou for reading this post. JIM

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Jim. Here's what I found thanks to the N&MP NA Atlas. As Des said, it's close to Auchonvillers .......... west of there and east of Beaumont-Hamel.




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Thanks ulsterlad & desmond7. I have re-read my copies of the war diary entry and realised where i went wrong. I have been searching the area around Hedauville, where in fact they were billited before going into line. I will pay more attention to what i read in future. Once again thank you both for your time. Regards. JIM

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