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Remembered Today:

4 July, 1914

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In America: 1st US motorcycle race (300 miles, Dodge City Ks)


"Sir M. de Bunsen to Sir Edward Grey (Received July 7)

Vienna, July 4, 1914


A great part of the garrison of Vienna lined the course followed last night by the funeral procession from the Hofburg to the Western Railway Station. Thence the remains of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand and the Duchess of Hohenberg were conveyed in the dead of night by train to Pochlarn on the Danube. At daybreak this morning they crossed the Danube by ferry, and proceeded slowly towards their final resting place in the Archduke's family vault at Artstetten. ...Thus within a week of the occurrence of the detestable crime at Sarajevo the funeral honours ordained for the murdered Archduke and his Consort have been brought to a close....The violence of the popular outburst of feeling against Servia, and the entire Serb race, is as yet unabated. During the last few nights the house of the Servian Minister has been with difficulty shielded by a large force of police against the onslaught of surging crowds. Demonstrations against the Russian Embassy have been happily prevented, but the district containing the Russian, German and British Embassies is closely guarded, so as to forestall inconvenient displays of aversion or favour by the mob...."


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Andrew Hesketh

Funeral of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

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On July 2, Samouprava (semiofficial organ of the Serbian Govt) ran an article claiming that the "event" in Sarajevo would not be a cause of strife because neither Vienna nor Belgrade could fail to accept the judgement of the Civilised world.

This day, Deutsches Volksblatt retorts that Sarajevo is "a matter that will have to be settled solely between ourselves and Serbia...and we shall settle it as our honour and the vital interests of the Monarchy shall dictate."

Meanwhile in Sydney, England defeat Australia 14-6 in a league test in Sydney, to take the series 2 matches to 1. It was a different world then :ph34r:

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The Kaiser receives a long letter from Franz Joseph thanking him for his condolences and regretting Wilhelm's inability to be in Vienna for the funeral.

He appends to the letter an annex which consists of a General Staff appraisal of the situation in the Balkans written some time before the assassination. It makes for interesting reading and can be found here. (Scroll down about half way to "the Annexe Memoire).

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