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Is this the same man?

steven belfast

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Been looking at this gentleman, however 2 sets of record exist on ancestry for him

Pte Joseph Clulow 5189 2nd Batt Royal Irish Fusiliers and Joseph Clulow 26914 9th Batt Royal Irish Fusiliers

There is a tie in address for both records of 9 Montaque Street Portadwon Armagh

From what i can gather in the records for number 5189 he faced a court marital for self inflicted wounds and was discharged in 1915, however the second set of records for 26914 show him enlisting in 1917, the 26914 records are very hard to make out thanks to Herr Goreing and his boys but i am sure this is the same man.

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Its possible that after discharge he fell under the rules regarding conscription.- I believe some regulars fell in to this when their sevice expired, they were discharged and then later re-enlisted under conscription.

The medal card for 26914 is for Joseph but the medal card for 5189 shows John Clulow, 5189, discharged ( no date given) but went to France on 1/11/1914. No signs of medal forfeitting (which was reasonably common with court martials).

Could John have been Joseph's brother or did John re-enlist at a later date and call himself Joseph ?

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Others will know more than me, but I know that a number of men dishonourably discharged before 1916, were later conscripted and found themselves back in a the army. A number of officers treated thus found themselves back in the ranks as privates.


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Thats him, his wifes name appears on both sets of records, in the second set there is a letter from her to the war office asking for deatils has she had not recieved any letters from him for a while, i looked this up in the libary today and havent got the records to hand (and the libary dosent allow copying and pasting or saving to usb or disk etc).

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