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Remembered Today:

Joint Historical Survey of the ANZAC Battlefield 2010


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Browsing on the internet during the early hours of this morning, I discovered the following report from the Turkish, Australian and New Zealand Joint Historical and Archaeological Survey of the ANZAC Battlefield, which took place last year and may be of interest to forum members.

[Broken link removed]

Does anyone know whether similar archaeological surveys have been carried out in the British or French Sectors?????


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Enjoyed the read, but a couple of points surprised me

As far as I know, the S in SRD = Special , not Service as stated

And Page 25 item 19 describes a button as bearing KGV's cipher – however the button in the colour photograph (plate 6) bears the cipher of Edward VII

I think that this survey came about in the aftermath of the Anzac Road Row and I don't know of any plans for a similar exercise at Helles; pity really as it seems a good idea

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I was rather disappointed in the report. The report did not really tie much of the historical military events with the artifacts and trenches discovered. They also were hampered by what everyone who has trapsed around Gallipoli knows, is that the place is covered in prickly bushes and that it is near impossible to have a good search of the ground.

They discovered a lot of "pits" and had no idea to their purpose.

They discovered beer bottles on the Turkish side and assumed they were drunk by tee-totalling Muslim Turks, which I guess is possible but there were German advisers on the Turkish side who also might have liked beer.

Perhaps it will come but I was hoping they would identify specific locations like HQ sites, RAP's, gun positions, sniper posts etc etc. The report seemed to be done by civilians with no real miltary advisor on hand to help them put things into context.

It is great that things like this are happening though.


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Thanks for the correction Andrew

any comment on the button?

The original link does appear to be broken

Try these two for text and images



Thanks for the links, worked fine this time.

Can't really add anything more on the button than the one they illustrated does have the cypher EVII for Edward the Seventh rather than GV for George the Fifth as they've attributed it.

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