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1/7th Kings Liverpool Diary


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I am not sure that I can help. The only entry that I have seen (and that is somebody else's transcript) essentially says 'See operation order and attached narrative' and that I don't have. The friend who might is away this week but I have forwarded the detail of your post to him.

There are typescript copies in the Maritime Museum reading room of the National Museums Liverpool at the Albert Dock but I don't know if they are complete with the additional narratives.

However, if you go to this excellent site here click , go to 'Roll of Honour' and locate a casualty of 31 July 1917 you may find a more complete diary entry attached.


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Many thanks Ian, the link to the web site had everything I needed on it.

I was tracking down Private R B Rimmer of 1/7th for a friend.


Thanks again.


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Hes on the Southport War Memorial

Richard Ball RIMMER

Private 265080

1/7th Battalion, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment)

Died in Belgium on Tuesday 31 July 1917

Richard was the eldest son of Enoch and Eliza Rimmer of 52a, Tulkeith Street and later of 18, Albert Road, Southport. His father was a corporation gardener.

Richard was drafted to France on Sunday 7 March 1915 and was seriously wounded at Festubert in 1915 when a piece of shrapnel entered his left cheek, broke three teeth and then exited through the front of his chin. He recovered to rejoin his battalion.

Richard was killed during an attack on the enemy trenches north east of Wieltje in the Battle of Pilkem Ridge. The attack commenced at 4.20am on the morning of his death, his battalion following their sister battalion, the 1/6th Battalion, The King’s. Very few casualties were taken crossing No Man’s Land and entering the German front line which had been seized by the 1/6th Battalion. At 5.15am the attack continued with the battalion being delayed at Square Farm. This was overcome and 150 prisoners taken. The battalion continued its advance but was again held up at Bank Farm. This was then taken with the assistance of a tank.

Casualties amounted to some 31 men killed.

Richard is commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial on Panel 4 and 6. He was 26 years of age.

The Soldiers Died in the Great War cites a date of death of Sunday 29 July 1917 and a service number of 26580.



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The number 265080 is very low in the block of six-figure numbers that was allocated to 7 KLR during the war: this block started with 265001. I would suspect that he was a pre-war soldier in this Territorial Force battalion that was local to Southport. His Medal Index Card shows the original four figure number 1294. Without papers (for which I have not searched for thoroughly), I would think that there is a strong possibility that a four figure number this low could place him as a pre-war member of the battalion; as mentioned, the friend who might be able to pin that down (through knowledge of soldiers with adjacent numbers) is away this week.

From the Medal Index Cards it would appear (to me - not a 7 KLR expert) that there were four other Richard Rimmers all with 7th King's numbers (although only one RB). A popular name!


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I agree, a popular name, these are on the Southport RoH

RIMMER, A.B. Lt. Midd’x R.

RIMMER, C. Tpr. Life Gds.

RIMMER, Fred Pte. E. Lancs. R.

RIMMER, G. Pte. Kings L’pool R.

RIMMER, G.M. Pte. Hamps. R.

RIMMER, H. Pte. Lancs. Fus.

RIMMER, James Pte. Kings L’pool R.

RIMMER, John Pte. Kings L’pool R.

RIMMER, J.H. Pte. Manch. R.

RIMMER, J.J. Pte. Lancs. Fus.

RIMMER, J.W. Pte. Kings L’pool R.

RIMMER, J.W. Pte. L.N. Lancs. R.

RIMMER, J.W. Pte. Manch. R.

RIMMER, N. Pte. Manch. R.

RIMMER, P. Pte. Kings L’pool R.

RIMMER, P.H. Pte. E. Yorks. R.

RIMMER, R. Pte. Kings L’pool R.

RIMMER, R. Pte. Kings L’pool R.

RIMMER, R.B. Pte. Kings L’pool R.

RIMMER, R.R. Pte. Lancs. Fus.

RIMMER, T. Pte. Kings L’pool R.

RIMMER, Thos. L/Cpl. L.N. Lancs. R.

RIMMER, T.M. Sgt. North’d Fus

RIMMER, W. Pte. Kings L’pool R.

RIMMER, Walter Pte. Kings L’pool R.

RIMMER, W.E. Pte. Midd’x R.

RIMMER, W.R. Rfn. K.R.R.C.


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Paul Nixon's numbering database shows that 1294 was issued between October 1911 and April 1912

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I am the person alluded to in Ian Riley’s posts.

We can narrow the enlistment to between 09/03/1912 – 21/03/1912 as per the enlistment of soldiers either side of Rimmer’s number

1292 HUMPHREYS, THOMAS 09/03/1912 S.W.B. (265079)

1294 RIMMER, RICHARD B ??/??/???? K.I.A. (265080)

1297 LYONS, T 21/03/1912 S.W.B. (265081)

All the best,


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Good evening Guy's - Absolutely incredible information - thank you so much.

I've been away for the weekend so have been out of the loop.

One of you lads was trying to get me on my home e mail with diary info - my address is wallace_84@tiscali.co.uk.

Once again - bl...y brilliant lads.

She will be thrilled.

Alan W

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Can't resist butting in with a 'two minutes later' reply. Silver War Badge for those who have been discharged from the services for reasons such as illness, sickness, wounds etc. There is an article here click on the Long Long Trail with 28 possible reasons for the award listed


Edited by Ian Riley
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