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Adam Llewellyn

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Anything on the following would be greatly appreciated.

4th Coldstream Guards June 1916.

1st Welsh Guards Oct/Nov 1917.

Regards. Llew.

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Llew, I have the history of the Welsh Guards, but can you be more specific? In early October, the Guards Division was involved in the fag-end of 3rd Ypres, but by November they were at Cambrai. Quite a lot of action.

Incidentally, it's "Coldstream", never "Coldstreams" ;)

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Mr. Broomfield,

Thank you for pointing out my mistake, i've accessed the full edit mode and have now corrected it :thumbsup: .

The problem I have with my Anstey man is that he died of wounds on the 7th November 1917 and he's buried in Wimereux Communal Cemetery. I suppose with everything that was going on, its going to be difficult to get an idea on when he could have been wounded. I'm not expecting him to get mentioned in the diary/history, but wanted to get an idea on what he could have been involved in before his date of death. It looks like my best bet will be to download from Kate's link and do some reading, but thank you for the input.


Thanks for the link its appreciated.

Regards to you both. Llew.

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