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23rd/40th Battalion Cheshire Reg


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Hi Can anyone recommend any books on the subject of 23rd/40th Cheshire Reg.

I already have the Cheshire Bantams,this was just for personal interest as it doesn`t include my Great Uncles Regiment.

Also i`m interested about books relating to 22nd Heavy Battery,Royal Garrison Artillery.

Kind Regards


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Hello Keith,

I presume you mean the 23rd. Cheshires / 40th. Division?

There is little on the 23rd. Battalion which was basically a home /garrison unit until May/June 18 when it formed part of the 121st Brigade of the reconstituted 40th. Division. I don't know but doubt there is a diary of the battalion but the experts will know.

There is little in the 40th. Division history on said battalion, sorry I can't assist further.


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shows the 23rd Cheshires joining 121 Brigade in Jun 1918 and assisting the Final Advance in Flanders up to Armistice Day. John's post regarding the War Diary will put you onto the daily accounts for the period from Jun to Nov 1918.


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