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Can anyone tell me anymore about this man. He married into my family so I am interested to know more about him.

He was a Relief Stamper and then shortly a printer before attesting into the ASC on 30 Aug 1916. I have found his MIC and Service record on Ancestry.

I have found out from this that he served in Italy from 8 Jul 1918 to 8 Apr 1919 where he was admitted to Hospital. I have attatched a copy of his service history from his service record.

He was discharged 5 Mar 1921.

Can anyone tell more about him......ie where he served in Italy (It looks like S......?)? What he would have been involved in on a day to day basis? Does anyone have any newspaper article relating to him? It would be interesting to know why he was admitted into hospital.

Here is the service record. I cannot read or understand a lot of what it says!!!



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Hi Luke

Not sure on al lot of it,but this will help a bit

The M at the beginning of his service number refers to this - MArmy Service CorpsMechanical Transport

From http://www.1914-1918.net/prefixes.html

The first line is him being Recruited under some army authority

RASC Motor Transport ? Park again some Army authority posted as a Private

Rate of pay under some army reg? as a Learner Driver

Home 1/1/18 to 7/7/18

B F in Italy (Spares) 8/7/18 to

From overseas joined Grove Park 19/4/19

read these as well-





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