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3 wessex field coy R.E


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hi all ive been researching a soldier , whose service number falls into the block allocated to the titled unit , i got this by using the llt , but im am unsure of the werabouts of these men during the great war, any help much appreciated , cheers for reading


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3rd Wessex (502 Field Company) were attached to 57th Division. They were on the Somme, Boesinge,Arras, Armentieres, the Hindenburg Line. Any particular dates?


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There is a history, Narrative of the 502 (Wessex) Field Company, Royal Engineers, 1915-1919 by Major CL Fox MC RE, (London: Hugh Rees, 1920). I think Fox was the Officer Commanding at the end of the war. It has a nominal roll of those proceeding overseas in February 1917, when the 57th (Second West Lancashire Division) went to France and Flanders. I think there is also a nominal roll of sections at the very end of the war and a list of casualties. There was a 1/3 Wessex Field Company (this became 502 Field Company according to my notes from the book) as well as a reserve unit, 2/3 Wessex Field Company. The book ran to a couple of hundred pages and must be available through Inter-Library loan if there is still a local library within a day's march of you.

A few years ago the sketches of Major John Empson Tindall MC were on sale, many of them illustrating the (edited) locations and some of the work of 505th (Wessex) Field Company which he commanded. This Field Company was also part of the 57th Division in 1917/18 working alongside 502 Field Company. Sadly (but understandably since they have now been sold) the vendor has taken them down.

The account of the 57th Division on the Long Long Trail site will provide an outline of the division's activities click here


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I have a copy of said history. It contains the names of many of the officers and men of the unit including casualties and section nominal rolls.

The following may help with movements:

29th Sept 1915 - Taunton

13th Oct 1915 - Idford Camp, near Christchurch

15th Nov 1915 - Christchurch

Dec 1915 - Southbourne and Pokesdown (Bournemouth area)

9th Dec 1915 - Wingham, Kent

2 Jan, 1916 - Brightlingsea

30 Jan, 1916 Old Park Camp, Canterbury

23rd March, 1916, Sandwich, Kent

9th July 1916, Thannington, nr Canterbury

16th July 1916, Aldershot

October , 1916 - Blackdown, nr Aldershot

16th Jan, 1917 - Imber, Salisbury Plain

31st Jan, 1917 - to Blackdown

13th Feb 1917, disembarked Havre

18th February, 1917, Sailly-Sur-La-Lys, nr Armentiers

27 April, 1917, Fleurbaix

1 August, 1917 - Armentiers

16th Sept, 1917 - to Flechinelle - St Hilaire Rest Area

20 Sept 1917 - arrived Flechinelle nr Aire

23 Oct , 1917 - Boesinghe

8 November, 1917 - Hocquinghem

9 Dec- 1917 , Elverdinghe

17 Dec, 1917 - Boesinghe

3 Jan , 1917 - Armentieres

26 Jan, 1917 - Erquinghem

13 Feb, 1918 - Armentiers

19 April, 1918 - Couin

6 May, 1918 - Coigneux

6 June, 1918 - Gommecourt

1 July, 1918 - Bus-en-Artois

1 Aug, 1918 - Arras

28 Aug, 1918 - St Martin-Sur-Cojeul

1 Sept, 1918 - Hendecourt-Les- Cagincourt

7 Sept , 1918 - Queant

16 Sept, 1918 - Gouy and La Riviere (resting)

27 Sept, 1918 - Graincourt

Oct, 1918 - Lille

21 Oct, 1918 - Templeuve

1 Dec 1918 - Arras

Jan 1919, demoblization began.


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Not looking for thanks and Terry's post, which you have acknowledged, might give you all you need but did you see the reference to the book (Post # 3 I think); it contains quite a lot of names.


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