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Some interesting questions (to which I have no answers)have been thrown up about a research subject and his family. Charles was born in 1885, he joined up in 1903, served for 3 years and then went on to Army Reserve. He rejoined at the outbreak of war, by which time he was married with 2 daughters and 'another on the way'. He was posted 'missing' on 24th August 1914 whilst serving with the 1st Norfolk's and repatriated on 18th December 1918. During that period it seems his 2 daughters were placed in a Dr. Barnardo's home. So, can anyone help with the following please:-

1. If he gave details of his next of kin when he rejoined in 1914, was there an obligation on the part of the Army to let his wife know he was missing?

2. If he was a prisoner, was there an obligation/arrangement by anyone, i.e.Army/Red Cross, to let his next of kin know?

3. What happened about his pay. Presumably when he was officially recorded as dead his wife and children would get a pension. But what happened while his fate was unknown. If he had elected to send money home to his wife was he still being paid and did that money still go to her?

4. Did pay rates change when an active soldier became a POW?

5. Would the Army pay an allowance direct to Dr. Barnardo for the 2 girls?

Not the usual type of questions I know, but I would be grateful if anyone has an answer or two.

Thanks, Keith.

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See my post 9 on this thread which answers some of your questions re POW pay


His pay would be 'allotted' so I doubt the Army would pay Barnardos directly, presumably his allottment was to his wife

His wife would be informed, usually by letter, by the Army. She would be able to maintain contact and send parcels through the Red Cross.


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