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Can anyone help me with a US Sgt?


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I have finally been able to identify one of my 'unknowns' on a Holsworthy area war memorial as being Sergeant (farrier) William George Harris.

Born in 1887 in Holsworthy, he moved to the US where he married and worked as a stockman for the University of Minnesota Farm. The above information comes from his Registration Form.

His casualty listing states he was a Sergeant in a US Army Veterinary Field Unit, and died on 20 November 1918.

He is buried in Suresnes American cemetery (I have put up another post in the hope someone might be able to take a photograph of his grave).

A very brief newspaper report in the local Holsworthy newpaper states that he died of Wounds at an american Red Cross Hospital in France.

Can anyone fill in any of the gaps?

Which field unit was he with? What field hospital might be have been at? Etc.

Having had a look at trying to obtain any personal records from the States im not sure if it is going to give me much more info than I've already got. Any ideas?

Hope you can help


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