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a lot of them are in the French sector of the 3rd Battle of Ypres :




Carrefour de Londres








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...Meuniken Ferme ( Houthulst Forest)



Ferme Arabe



I scanned (visited)this sector last year for a new book

a map of the sector is to large to show



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Hi Martin,

Salt Spring Island is in British Columbia, west of Vancouver--known as one of the Gulf Islands in the Pacific. I wonder how they got there?

sorry but unsee the connection with Salt Spring Island, which seems to be somewhere in Canada. Can someone please enlighten?

cheers Martin B

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They apparently belonged to a gentleman named Paul Bion who settled on the island in 1910 and returned to France to fight in 1914. There is a newspaper clipping about finding the photos here http://saltspringarchives.com/chantelu/photos/images/bion2.jpg


there are also other photos of his war service here http://saltspringarchives.com/chantelu/index.htm


Tim B

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Tim...Thanks for clarifying the source of the aerial photo's, and the link you posted is a great bonus.....

Kevin..good work......the ones with names of towns and villages can be identified using trench maps and Google earth, but that still leaves an awful lot as "unknown"....

Still...its good fun trying to match up these photo's with modern aerials from Google..

Cnock.... I found the oblique photos of the battlefield really brought home the condition at Paschendaele...crater upon crater upon crater, all filled with water, how did anyone manage to survive in those conditions??



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Amazing how we can't see anything today of that fairly substantial trench that runs roughly NNW-S in the aerial photo Egbert. Funnily enough I was playing with an aerial photo

and Google earth just to the west of Sailly-Saillisel last night, all good fun..but time consuming, the wife keeps dropping hints about little jobs I promised to do....



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There are some interesting photographs of what looks like a captured German Rumpler C.Ia at a French aerodrome at 200801141-3 and a French Caudron G.III at 2008011423 and 2008011443.


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Someone posted a link to these a couple of years ago when I was travelling too much for work and spending to many nights in dull hotelds in duller towns so to pass the time I tried to work out where as many of these were as I could. As Kevin said there is a lot of duplications and I could not place some of the ones in the northen part of the French sector at ypres as I did not have a copy of sheet 20 but for what its worth here is my list.

Number of photo - Location - Trench Map Reference - Date Taken

001 NW of Pilckem 20SW T.28/30 28NW C.1.a 26-Jul-17

002 West of the Yser Canal 28NW B.6.d 26-Jul-17

003 E of the Yser Canal 28NW B.6.d 26-Jul-17

005 W of St Julien 28NW C.10.d 26-Jul-17

006 N of Vijfwegen 20SE P.27 28-Jul-17

007 SW of Schaap Balie 20SE V.7 28-Jul-17

009 SE of Vijfwegen 20SE P.33/34 28-Jul-17

010 W of Schaap Balie 20SE P.31/32 28-Jul-17

011 Staden 20SE P.18 28-Jul-17

013 E of Combles 57cSW T.29 30-Sep-16

016 S of Rancourt 62cNW C.1.d/2.c 22-Sep-16

018 Priez Farm 62cNW B.5.d 22-Sep-16

021 N of Sailly Saillisel 57cSW B.5.d 22-Sep-16

022 SW of le Transloy 57cSW U.8.a 22-Sep-16

023 Combles 57cSW T.28 25-Sep-16

025 Fregicourt 57cSW T.30 4-Sep-16

027 Combles 57cSW T.28 19-Sep-16

028 Combles 57cSW T.28 6-Sep-16

029 Farm le Priez 62cNW B.6.b 7-Sep-16

030 towards Fregicourt 57cSW T.23/24/29 15-Sep-16

032 Rancourt 62cNW C.1 19-Sep-16

033 N of Ginchy 57cSW T.13.d 7-Sep-16

034 Morval 57cSW T.13.d 23-Sep-16

035 le Transloy 57cSW N.30.b 30-Sep-16

036 le Transloy 57cSW N.30.c 30-Sep-16

038 le Transloy 57cSW N.30.b/d 30-Sep-16

039 le Transloy 57cSW N.30.d 30-Sep-16

037 Morval 57cSW T.11 24-Sep-16

040 Pilsen Trench E of Morval 57cSW T.17 20-Sep-16

042 Pilsen Trench E of Morval 57cSW T.18 30-Sep-16

043 Morval Trench 57cSW T.17 28-Sep-16

044 Prilip Trench W of Sailly Saillisel 57cSW T.18 28-Sep-16

046 SE end of Morval village 57cSW T.7a 28-Sep-16

054 Bixschoete towards NE 20SW T.18 10-Aug-17

055 Meunikeg Farm S edge of Houtulst Forest 20SW U.6.b 12-Nov-17

056 Bixschoete (French) 20SW T.18 10-Jul-17

057 W of Pickem 28NW C.1d/7ab 26-Jul-17

073 le Transloy 57cSW N.30 30-Sep-16

074 Morval 57cSW T.11 30-Sep-16

075 S of le Transloy 57cSW N.31 30-Sep-16

076 Morval 57cSW T.10 30-Sep-16

077 N of Sailly Saillise 57cSW U.1 30-Sep-16

078 N of le Transloy 57cSW N.24 30-Sep-16

079 Sailly Saillisel 57cSW U.8 30-Sep-16

082 NE of Westroosebeke 20SE Q.32 8-Nov-17

088 S edge of Houtulst Forest W of Schaap Balie 20SW U.6.a 12-Nov-17

089 W of Westroosebeke 20SE V.9 12-Nov-17

101 Bois de Vaux 57cSW U. 29/30 30-Sep-16

102 Combeles 57cSW T.28 Sep-16

103 Government Farm 57cSW U.22/23 30-Sep-16

104 St Martin Vaux and Hennois Woods 57cSW U.17/18/23/24 30-Sep-16

105 St Martin Vaux and Hennois Woods 57cSW U.17/18/23/24 30-Sep-16

106 Lesboeufs Trench 57cSW T.5bd 28-Sep-16

107 Morval 57cSW T.10 24-Sep-16

108 Morval 57cSW T.17 24-Sep-16

109 Bukovine Trench N of Sailly Saillisel 57cSW U.1 30-Sep-16

110 le Mesnil en Arrouaise 57cSW U.5 30-Sep-16

112 E of Ginchy 57cSW T.14cd 7-Sep-16

113 Morva 57cSW T.10 24-Sep-16

131 NE towards Bixschoote 20SW T.23 27-Jul-17

134 E of the Yser canal 28NW B.6ac 26-Jul-17

135 N of Pickem 28NW C.2ac 26-Jul-17

136 N of Pilekem 20SW U.26d 26-Jul-17

137 N of Pilekem 20SW U.26d 26-Jul-17

138 N of Pilekem 20SW U.26a 26-Jul-17

139 Railway line E of the Yser Canal 28NW B.12b 26-Jul-17

143 Houtulst Forest 20SE P.19 13-Aug-17

Tim B

Does anyone have details of how to interpret what I presume are French map references on some of the photos?



Im with you I would love to understand the French reference system it has stumpred me for some time.

Tim B

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Excellent work Tim..! Hours of enjoyment will now follow poring over trench maps and Google Earth with the list you have posted..

Thanks to one and all for your contributions and added links



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Ok last posting of aerials, this is to show how fantastic the forum is.


And if you check out the replies to the initial posting we can see how well many fellow members have contributed to the topic, culminating with Tim B coming up with several map references for many of the photo's

So here's one from Tim's map references, trench map from Linesman, aerial from Archive mentioned above and of course Google earth....

many thanks to all....


post-5284-083085100 1286896151.jpg

post-5284-012335100 1286896310.jpg

post-5284-095434000 1286896365.jpg




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Welcome Frank, and thank YOU for making these aerial photographs available to all to view and research...

(check out the "Western Front" area of this forum to see some modern day comparisons)



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