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Remembered Today:

Communists lured to their deaths by MI6


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Just came across this in the Daily Telegraph

Regards Mark

Daily Telegraph

The Medal Card for Captain J D Scale states '59th Rif, 87th Punjabis'

and for Lieutenant S Alley it states 'Special List, British Military Mission in Russia'

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I believe the British and French on at least 2 occations during WW I tried to kill Kaiser Wilhelm II during his visits to the Western front by air attacks on his train but they failed. i think on one occation the train left the station about an hour before the air raid began. this is what I learned at a Leagug of WW I aviation historians seminar. I wish I could find my notes on this! As for Sidney Reilly the Ace of Spys does the book have any new information on his fate? Robin Bruce Lockhart who wrote "Ace of Spies" also wrote a squel "Reilly: The First Man" which has him defecting to Russia. one hopes this is some use.

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For information

Captain J D Scale was a regular Indian Army officer.

Born in December 1882, he was first comissioned in May 1901, joining the Indian Army in June 1903.

He qualified as a 1st class interpreter in Russian in June 1913.

Promoted Major in May 1916 he was appointed a Company Commander in the 87th Punjabis in October 1915.

He retired from the IA as a Lieut-Col in May 1927 with the DSO and an OBE as well as a brace of Russian Imperial Orders.

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