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Pte R F Barnes, 3rd CMR, CEF


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I was looking through the MIC and saw this man - why would he included there? If he had transferred to the BEF, wouldn't that regiment be marked down on the list instead?

The service number given is that for the 3rd CMR, and is in his CEF attestation papers, link . Pte Barnes was born in Alberta, and had no prior military service so it wasn't a case of being a pre-war soldier in the British Army being recalled to the colours. The only thing I can see is perhaps he ended up with the BEF when the 3rd CMR was broken up to reinforce the 2nd CMR.

Since he was a barrister, I'm surprised he wasn't made an officer.

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The temptation to find out was too great so I downloaded his MIC.

From what is written, I can he transferred to the RFC. He was also issued two 14-15 Stars; one mistakenly from Canada which was returned.

So if I understand correctly, the 3rd CMR would be on his star, while something different would be on his Victory, and British War medals?


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