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War of Irish Independence

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Hello Each,

Regarding correct treminology for Ireland and its History. Read anything by Professor Charles Towshend as he is a stickler for describing events by their correct nouns and context.


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I am trying to understand if this is now the current title of the struggles or is it Rebellion, or whatever. My history classes (that I don't teach) are now over 30 years distant and wondered if this is the new title and if so, what it encompasses?

How is this taught? Obvously it is taught differently in Ire than in GB ... (or is it?) I imagine that, much like Reconstruction in the US, it is still fraught with emotion and regional bias.

But I have much the same set of questions about the American War for Independence as it is taught in UK ... but this is not the place ...

Ideas? Thoughts?

I don't think things are 'obviously' taught differently in Ireland to Great Britain (where my experience is). The Troubles, as others have said, referred to the 1960's onwards. Indeed friends from Northern Ireland called it the same name. The acts of terror that occurred in this time can often mistakenly be associated with the conflict of the 1920's. This was a rising/rebellion to the British as it was 'their' territory. However it was a War of Independence to the Irish. This isn't looked over in school teaching at all -a good teacher will simply explain it to their pupils. I believe the bias came from pupils who 'knew' about the Troubles - and presume the 1920's was just another example of that. As a new generation come forward who will not remember it in the news everyday - understanding may be easier.

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