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Help Indentifying WW1 Collar Badge

Guest 27lancers

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Guest 27lancers

I am trying to peice together my Grandfathers WW1 & 2 service. I understand from the Medal Index Card downloaded from the PRO that he served with the -

Seaforth Highlands and MGC (Machine Gun Corps?) during WW1, but I am unsure of the duration served with each regiment. The part that I am missing is from the MGC to when he joined the Royal Air Force. I first thougt that he may have served with the Royal Flying Corps>RAF, but I dont think this may be the case.

The link below is of a wedding photograph taken in 1922. My grandfather is seated 3rd from the left wearing 2 medals. I have tried to identify the collar badge that he has but, if I am honest I haven't got a clue.


I would appreciate any help identifying this badge as it will add another piece to the jigsaw.


Thank you for your help

Mark Owen

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Hi Mark,

Welcome to the Forum and I think you got lost somehow.. ;)

Try reposting your question in Uniforms,arms,insignia,epuipment,medals.

Chances are an expert will spot your question and answer it. My knowledge is too limited to answer you.

One suggestion: I clicked on the URL to look at your photograph and it did not work! I copied it, pasted it in a word document and bingo, but.....the photo is nearly 18 MB!!! Not at all necessarry for it to be seen in detail, try to scale it down.

If you make it no more than 600 pixels wide it should still be clear enough and you could attach it to your post for anyone to see.

Good luck,


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Possibly Royal Army Medical Corps


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I stick by my earlier answer I have copied sharpened and re-contrasted this image for you. It is drfinately a royal signals collar badge. The image has been shown to four badge collectors with 114 years collecting experience between them and they all agree.


follow the link and compare.

Your grandfather could have been a royal signals man attached to another regiment I have a picture of a Royal Signals sergeant wearing royal signals collar badges and a cheshire regiment cap badge. Not sure how common this was.



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