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where can I find war diaries for 2n battalion the black watch


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Hi there I just been reading war diaries of 4/5 bn. black watch great little read.

I was wondering if there any war diaries for the 2nd bn. black watch and where I could read them . Cheers Anders

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Cheers Chris and john for the information , I have now downloaded that john cheers. john I got an e-mail from my cousin this morning, and its caused a spanner in the works of my research,which has sent people in the wrong direction.

my cousin was looking in her late mother documents box and found my grans death certifcate in it.On it has john simpson stewart her father as a private in the ROYAL SCOTS!!!!!!!! Now I am back at Square one , and now all I know that he died in Iraq. And the Royal Scots had 42 j stewarts that could be and have look in to. Sorry john for sending you the wrong way and for everyone who tried to help me

many thanks Ian Anderson


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