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Grandfarther's Diary 1916 Onwards


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I'm so excited, my cousin was showing his daughter my Grandfathers medals, and he opened a German Pocket book at the bottom of the tin, its the write up of my grandfathers wartime diary done in late 1918. It looks really interesting, because it's a narrative based upon his Diary, its some 40 pages. For those of you don't know he was a member of the Finnish 27th Jaeger Battalion on the Eastern Front. My mother, aunt, cousin, and me are going into transcribing, and translating mode. I hope to post the results here (in English, not Swedish, Finnish or German). It might not be ever ones glass of tea, but I suspect it will be very interesting, Brussels is mentioned, and I hope it covers him meeting some Irish troops.

I attached the title page below, interestingly the notebook is printed in 1914. Anybody know about these note books, where made, how issued, etc?


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Hi, Mart!

Absolutely fantastic! Your grand-father had a fascinating career, and of course was in your line, but finding anything like that is great, and in my mind a very reliable form of historical record.

I recently bought the manuscript diary of a sergeant of my grand-father's army corps in Belgium, 1914, 82 pages, and I have almost finished translating it, and once I am finished using it in a book I am writing I will see that it is available to other students of WW I.

Bob Lembke

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