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andrew pugh

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Good evening All.

Does anybody know if most officers had thier photos taken.Im trying to get hold of a photo of Second Lieutenant William Neate 24th Battalion Royal Fusiliers k.i.a 24th March 1918.If someone can point me in the right direction please.

Regards Andy

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Have you noticed the Classic Thread for the Illustrated London News,where a check is made on that publication through the many Officer photos for members ?


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If you know where he went to school or university there are a lot of school rolls with photos

Regards John

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Coming soon -


"To request pricing or a free trial contact emea.marketing@cengage.com"

I did so and got this reply -

Dear John,

The archive will be released later this year. It is only available at this stage to institutions for trial and purchase eg. academic or public libraries. You may wish to register your interest with your nearest large public library. They could then make some enquiries on your behalf. They can direct their queries to emea.arketing@cengage.com



Might be worth checking with your local library.


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That looks like a great resource and we should all be knocking at our librarians' door to get them to provide it via their ticket system, as with the Times, and other papers.

Thanks for the info.


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Good Evening All.

Thank you all very much for your help on this man,i dont know what school he went to.Never mind I will keep looking,once again thank you.

Best Regards Andy.

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was he in the RASC before being commissioned? There's a medal card for Private then Sgt SS/7717 William Neate RASC. Note re commissioned 26/6/1917 Royal Fusiliers; another note re "Missing 25/3/1918". 2/Lt.

Entered France 30/4/1915. 1915 Star, VM and BWM. Mothers address 30 St George Road, Regents Park, NW1.

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