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Another Battle Patch Question

Tyneside Chinaman

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Can anyone identify the battalion of this chap from the combination of Patches on his left arm a Diamond over a Bar

possibly the same colour although thats only a guess on my part.

Close up



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Ha Ha

I thinkl I have worked it out from Chappells British Battle insignia, 9/R Sussex 73 Brigade 24 Division.

I am right? or will I be shot down in flames.

replies please


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I am sure you are right and the unit is 9th Royal Sussex. The rectangle was yellow and the small diamond above was a company i/d. These company i/d patches worn by units in the 24th Division above their battalion signs were sometimes cut as diamonds and sometimes as four-pointed stars. The colouring remains the same throughout :

A company - blue

B company - green

C company - red

D company - yellow



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