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Remembered Today:

Civil Defence Corps Badge - Fattorini Birmingham


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Please can a reader tell me more about this badge & who would have worn it. Thanks. :thumbsup:

According to Tom Tulloch-Marshall's article 'On War Service' Badges, 1914-19 The Official Issues' I now have examples of all - a 1914 by Vaughton, a 1915 Brass by Fattorini, a 1915 Enamel by Gaunt & a 1916 'Ladies Broach' also by Gaunt. These are all Birmingham makers. B)




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If I'm correct I think you'll find the badge illustrated belonging to 'Civil Defence Corps' is possibly 1939-45 or later, when the threat of Nuclear War loomed and has no association with WWI.

There were Civil Defence Corps during 1914 formed throughout the UK but these were independent of Government support, which were a form of Home Guard. However by 1915 most of these quasi-military units had either disbanded or had become members of the Association of Volunteer Training Corps, which later went onto become the Volunteer Force.

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As suspected formed 1949. See this link;-


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Yep, as discussed, the Civil Defence Corps was a Cold War Era creating, born out of the ARP (Air Raid Precautions) and later Civil Defence, of the Second World War. Peter

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Thank you Graham (Wikipedia link appreciated) & Peter for your posts . :thumbsup:

Am disappointed that the badge is not WW1 but as it is by Fattorini who's Military & Sporting medals I collect it will still have a place in my collection.

Kind regards.


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