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1918 Toronto regt memorial


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thought the pals would like to see this


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Thanks Perce620 for the great photo.

You can read more about the attack (pages 46-51), and the scale of their casualties (pages 14-20) in their War diary entry for September 1918. link

I'm impressed by the effort the battalion diarist put in to record all the casualties as, so far, the diaries I've read rarely include such detailed lists.

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Hi Perce620:

Thanks for posting the photo. It would be nice to know where along the Drocourt-Quéant Line this memorial to the 3rd Battalion was originally located. Their jump off spot was East of Upton Wood on August 29 and in the vicinity of Crow's Nest on September 1.

I wonder what happened to the cross? It was erected in the time of open warfare and the German retreat, so it should have survived any war damage.



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