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expert help / miracle needed!


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I wonder if any of the GWF experts could help me with this WW1 soldier, the details are sketchy, he survived the war.


he lived in Norton street West Gorton as a child

but when married lived in Corby street No 12 West Gorton.

His daughter (Gladys) born 1917 He was in the Home Guard (sergeant)

Many thanks in anticipation


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This must be Gladys:

Births Q1 1917 in Chorlton district - Wareham Gladys, mother's maiden name Lowndes

So this must be George getting married:

Marriages Q2 1916 in Chorlton - Lowndes Mary to Wareham George.

No middle name!

Possibly the George Wareham born in Openshaw Q1 1893, son of John and Jane of 39 Hope St, Manchester (1901) and 32 Alfred St, West Gorton (1911).

Five possible MICs for George [no middle name] Wareham:

1. George Wareham Border Regiment 21730

2. George Wareham South Lancashire Regiment 50667

3. George Wareham R Berks R 42911,E Lanc R 41477

4. George Wareham Yorkshire and Lancaster Regiment 60505

5. George Wareham Army Veterinary Corps SE/7591

You can discount #3 and #4 as their service records survive. #3 was from Sparkbrook, B'ham, and #4 from Bignall End, Staffs, so not him.

Of the others, 50667 South Lancs looks most likely, but can't find anything to confirm it!


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Only likely candidate from service records is a George Alfred Wareham who lived in Heaton Chapel,

If it helps, I suspect this is the man of the same name who died in 1956, aged 68, still in Stockport

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Hope this helps a bit, from the 1911 census:

WAREHAM, George Son Single M 18 1893 Iron Dresser Openshire Man Lan address: 32 Alfred Street West Gorton

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He lived in Manchester (West Gorton)a short walk from Kings Own (Ardwick Green) barracks.

The 8th (Ardwick)Battalion The Manchester Regt were at Ardwick Green.

The King Own (Royal Lancaster Regt) would have been around Lancaster & North Lancashire

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but still quite a number of manchester men joined the Kings Own...


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As George Wareham was in the Home Guard in WW2. It is worth pointing out that service records for both Officers and Soldiers whose regular or reserve service ended between 1921 and 1997 are still retained by the Ministry of Defence and you will need to contact the Army Personnel Centre at the address given below:

Army Personnel Centre

Historical Disclosures

Mailpoint 400

Kentigern House

65 Brown Street

Glasgow G2 8EX

For telephone enquiries, please use the number below:

Telephone: 0141 224 3515 or 0845 600 9663

Fax: 0141 224 2144

Email: disc4.civsec@apc.army.mod.uk

The Ministry of Defence does not normally release information from a service record to persons other than the individual concerned or their next of kin. There is a search fee for genealogical enquiries which currently stands at £30.00.

The following link to the National Archives website British Army: Auxiliary Forces (Volunteers, Yeomanry, Territorials and Home Guard), 1769-1945 might be useful.



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