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A mates having abit of trouble finding his great great grandfathers service details. The family thinks that the man in question, James Cruickshank, b. Aberdeen, was a Royal Scots Fusilier during the 1st world war. But on one of his sons birth certificate it has his occupation as "Sergeant RFA".

Firstly what is RFA? and secondly, does it have anything to do with the RSF?

Thanks in advance.

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Cheers Chris, I had a feeling that it was the Arty, but wasnt 100% sure.

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There are two Sgts in RFA in the Medal Index Card list on Ancestry named James Cruickshank:

49493 Bombardier and then Sergeant with 12 Brigade RFA,issued with 3 campaign medals,and,

L/4442 Battery QM Sergeant into war theatre after Dec 1915.

Do you have any more details in order to track him down ? Did he survive the war ?


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He did survive the war, Married Margaret Jane Harrison and had 5 children, James jr, William, Mildred, Jennifer and Gordon b.1919, Preson Lancs.

All the children were born in or around Preston, Lancashire I am led to believe.

I have no idea when James Sr was born only that he was born in Aberdeen, and supposidly he was a Scots Fusilier.

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