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The picture for today's issue is captioned 'The Scots Guards en route to the Western Front' and shows what appears to be a battalion( the mounted officers are followed by a RSM), marching, at ease, to Waterloo Station. The date is not specified. Not being a 'guards' expert there seem to be a number of points of interest;

The two mounted officers, I presume CO and 2i/c appear to be wearing their rank badges on their epaulettes.

The 2/i/c and the officer leading the first company? are wearing leather belts with two braces. Whereas the CO appears not to be wearing a brace.

Rank and file are marching with sloped arms, but 4 soldiers, flanking the mounted officers, have changed arms i.e rifles at the slope on right shoulder.

I wonder if anyone else has noted the picture and would like to comment.

Old Tom

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