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1 School of aerial gunnery


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The No 1 School of Aerial Gunnery was set up by Louis Strange in 1916 (he was a major at that time) at Hythe, Kent. When promoted to Lieutenant Colonel shortly after, Strange then established the No 2 School at Turnberry.

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I have just been surfing the net and have come a cross a forum in the Kent history forum about Lydd, in one of the replies there is a mention of an airfield at Dymchurch called Palmarsh where the school of aerial gunnery was based , this being an extension of the school of musketry at Hythe. I have included a link to the forum as there is a nice picture of the airfield taken from the air in 1917, and for those that may be interested at the end of the forum a picture of a balloon at Lydd during WW1.


Anyway is this the location of no1 S of AG?

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The Aerial Gunnery School (Machine Gun School) was a detached part of the School of Musketry in Hythe. It was located just outside Hythe on the road to Dymchurch. The ground now forms part of a quarry and is bounded by a small sewage works. Look on Google Earth and you can easily find the large field 

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