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1. In 1916 were all men joining the RNVR volunteers or were any of them conscripted into it?

2. During the period 1916-1918, did any RNVR men (that is those who did not transfer to RN or RNR) get assigned to active combat service? Or did they all do landbound duties in the UK?

Many thanks for any clarifications on these questions.

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1. Most were volunteers but some men conscripted by the Army were transferred to the RNVR for the Royal Naval Division. They had an 'R' prefix to their official number.

2. Many thousands of RNVR volunteers served at Gallipoli and in the BEF in the Royal Naval Division [63rd (Royal Naval) Division by mid-1916].

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2. Just like men in the RN & RNR members of the RNVR could serve at sea or on land; they could serve overseas or in the UK.

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