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Remembered Today:

Another Canadian War Memorial Vandalized

Ken S.

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Happily it was noted in today's news that the turn-out for the 11 am ceremony was bigger than previous years, plus pledges of financial support for the cost of repairs. The bigger turn-out would in part be I would guess due to recent Canadian losses in Kandahar region but also, and for once here is a positive irony, because of the damage done to the cenotaph. Perhaps a happy ending to a despicable act?

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An apalling act.

Connor, nice to think as you state that the higher turnout was perhaps in response to the act, out of darkness there is sometimes light.

All the best,

Ian. :poppy:

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Yikes. So much for my optimism. Thank you for posting though. There are no doubt different reasons behind each one (crack and meth-heads after metal, drunken slobs, mental illness, sheer bloodymindedness etc..) but what a distressing trend. It makes one wish that if caught the offenders would suffer only one punishment to address principles of deterrence and retribution: to have them see something of tremendous value to them befouled or wrecked. Then again, I suppose, since they value next to nothing, that would be an impossibility.

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The case of the charming young student pictured urinating over the poppy wreaths is covered in some detail on this thread in Skindles. This prime example of the cream of British youth comes up for sentancing later this month. Bless him!

Skindles Thread here:

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This happened today:

CTV News Toronto:

Would-be poppy-proceeds robber thwarted

Thu Nov. 12 2009 4:04:24 PM


Three men, including a veteran in his 80s, thwarted a would-be armed robber at an east Toronto Royal Canadian Legion who attempted to take the $10,000 in proceeds from their poppy drive.

The men at the Robinson Avenue Legion branch, located on the Danforth in the city's east end, told police that an unknown man walked in with a gun at around noon Thursday while they were counting the money from their sales.

"We were just about to count the money and there were four of us in the boardroom over there," John Dietsch, 84, told reporters as a half-empty glass of beer sat in front of him.

Dietsch said that at first, he didn't see what appeared to be a handgun. "I said to the fella, 'What are you here for?' and he said, 'Give me all your bills,' and at that point, I went for his arm with the gun,' and we struggled and I went backwards and I was on the ground," he said.

"My other buddy there, he wrestled him on the ground. And then he chased him out to the street line, and he had no vehicle, so he just kept running up the street."

The would-be robber left without any money.

Asked why he reacted the way he did, Dietsch, who served with the Navy in the North Atlantic in the Second World War protecting convoys, said: "Because of the time we served in the military, and the fact we'd been out all last week collecting money with the poppies that made me think, 'You're not getting away with this.'"

However, "In retrospect, the more I think of it, I was stupid," he said.

"The police are always saying, 'You're getting held up, let them take the money. The money isn't as important as your life."

Two of the men who helped thwart the robbery weren't veterans but poppy campaign volunteers in their 60s.

The incident happened a day after thousands of Canadians gathered across the Greater Toronto Area and across Canada for Remembrance Day ceremonies honouring the country's fallen military heroes.

"I can't believe it, especially coming into the Legion," Dietsch said.

Investigators with 41 Division say they have a description of the suspect and are investigating the incident.

The suspect is described as a light-skinned black male, wearing a dark toque and dark clothing. He had a beard.

With files from CTV Toronto's John Musselman

TV clip here

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Just read this thread. I visited New Brunswick for the first time during the summer of 2009 and extensively photogrpahed via straight shooot digital camera this same muncipal memorial. The memorial is a beautiful one and quite nicely placed as well in the downtown area near the St. John River. If ANYONE wants photos of the pre-vandalized memorial I will dig them up and send such photos to you.



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