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Remembered Today:

A Named Webley


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Really interesting story-such a shame we can't have such weapons here for collectors without a great deal fo phaff.....


I feel for you. There is something about holding one of these original revolvers.....my 1916 Mark VI was never marked out of service by the British army and it bears no import stamps. I suspect it came back with a Doughboy......

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When I was a kid a relative had a mint Webley MkVI-had belonged to a relative by marriage . It was in its case and came with cleaning rod and boxes of original Kynoch cartridges. I used to play with it and on occasion was allowed to fire it. I still think it was the most beautiful pistol I ever fired. The fluted barrel was beautiful. I now have a mint .380 deactivated Webley. I consider the deactivation process akin to drilling a hole in the engine block of a Bugatti, or slashing the Mona Lisa.

As the Steamship Great Britain sinks for the last time under the waves of stupidity, treason, and incompetence, my advice to you is never give it up.

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