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Photos - 2/8th West Yorkshire Regiment


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Hello all,

I wasn't sure where to post this on the forum but I have a few photos of 2/8th West Yorks taken 1915 and 1916 in England (Darley Dale, Clipstone Camp, Tholesley Park), prior to them going to France in 1917. I think most are of 11 platoon C company. One is of a larger group with officers.

I'm wondering if there are any 2/8th West Yorks Regiment specialists on here that can identify the men.



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If you post them , Sam, we will have a look.

If you have an off-forum hosting account such as Photobucket I would suggest using that to allow larger photos. If you don't I would be happy to host them on my website and provide a link for you to use to display them here.

Unless someone tells you otherwise, I would post them in this thread, the title is good and will draw in the right people.



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