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Royal Artillery battery question


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I believe my great uncle Arthur William Rose was in the Royal Artillery during WW1. Prior to joining up he lived in Lymington, Hampshire. I'm trying to find out what battery or brigade he may have joined. I don't have a service record and can't say whether he was territorial or not. Does anyone know if there was a Royal artillery battery local to Lymington?


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Do you know any more about him ? Was he discharged due to wounds/sickness later ?

I have found one Arthur William ROSE who was issued with a Silver War Badge due to the above reasons. He enlisted on 18.1.1916 and was discharged on 4.2.1918. His Royal Horse Artillery number is shown as 77773. He later transferred to the Labour Corps with a number 323509,which would probably account for him being wounded and no longer fit for front line action.

You may recognise a detail or two here,If not then there are a lot of Arthur ROSE on the Medal Index Card lists on Ancestry UK to delve into.Without more data it is down to you.


(just off to Lymington market !!)

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Hello Peter, and welcome to the Forum.

There were no artillery uniuts or depots at Lymington as far as I know - certainly not in 1914. Most of the artillery in Hampshire was based around Portsmouth and Southampton, but even so you cannot assume that he would have joined such a unit. The Royal Artillery, which in those days was divided into The Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery and The Royal Garrison Artillery, recruited on a national basis. Their uniforms were broadly the same so the photo does not help in that respect.

Do you have his medals, or any information which might identify his service number?

If you follow this link:


and fill in arthur (only) and rose, leave corps blank and put artillery into keyword, you will be given a list of thirty possibilities. There is no Arthur W, but there are several with just Arthur and one Arthur H W. But even if you have the right man, all it will tell you is whether he was RHA, RFA or RGA, and if he never went abroad there will be no medal card at all.

Good hunting!


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i don,t want to raise your hopes, but there was a recent post re a Royal Artillery cap badge in the paraphenalia section of the forum. Your badge looks very like the Hampshire TF unit which I believe was a Coastal unit within the Royal Garrison Artillery. It is very unusual for an Artillery unit to have a varience in their cap badge, usually only a very small difference , but some existed.

Tony P

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