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Fred Stanley Dodson, Somerset Light Infantry


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Hi All, I am looking for Service Records or any other info on this chap, I have searched the military records on Ancestry with no luck, here's what I know.

Fred Stanley Dodson born 1871 Liverpool, later lived in Taunton, Somerset. He was a Solicitor. He was baptised Fred and not Frederick, although I have checked both just in case.

I have found a record entitled Records of Service Solicitors and Articled Clerks with His Majesty's Forces.

It states Fred Stanley Dodson. Admitted March 1907, practising at Taunton. Joined Sept. 21, 1914, as Lieut., Somerset Light Infantry, promoted Capt. Dec. 1914, Major June 1917. Once mentioned in Dispatches. Served in France and England

Details here: http://www.archive.org/stream/recordofserv...00soli_djvu.txt

I know he survived the war as he continued to practice as a solicitor afterwards.

Any help very much appreciated.


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Hi Jool

Heres some info from the London Gazette


9th Battalion, Prince Albert's (Somerset Light Infantry), The undermentioned to be temporary Lieutenants: —

Fred Stanley Dodson. Dated 24th October, 1914.


Somerset; the appointment of Second Lieutenant Fred Stanley Dodson; which was notified in the London Gazette of 25th November, 1914, is cancelled.


Prince Albert's (Somerset Light Infantry). 9th Battalion— Temporary Lieutenant F. S. Dodson to be Adjutant. Dated 1st November, 1914


Prince Albert's (Somerset Light Infantry). Temporary Captain Fred S. Dodson is transferred to the General List. Dated 29th December, 1915.


Temp. Capt. F. S. Dodson is transferred to Gen: List for duty as a Recruiting Offr. 29 Dec. 1915. (Substituted for notification which appeared in Gaz. of 14 Mar. 1916.)

Hope this helps


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It doesn't look as though he went to War,based on the detail here for the 9th Battalion,which was for a short time in 79 Brigade of 26 Division, but in April 1915 became a Reserve Battalion, and then in Apr 1916 became the 45th Training Reserve Battalion. Hence the lack of a Medal Index Card for the campaign medals of WW1 ?

Unlless he was in during 1914 in another Battalion. WO339/12854 will show that,hopefully.


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Thanks for your help guys, I will follow up the information you have given me.

I have found a MIC for a Fred Dodson, Corps: Som L.I., Rank Pte., Regtl. No. 39814. Medal British, Roll C/2/102 a Pg. 62. No Theatre of War or date.

I wonder if this could be him even though his rank is Private.

In the record I found in my orignal post it says "Once mentioned in Dispatches". Could someone please explain what that means.



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Everything points to him being an officer from 1914, that Medal Index Card suggests a post-1916 entry into a theatre not considered to be a "theatre of war", India for example and as an 'other rank'. Based on that I would personally discount it.

The lack of a Medal Index Card doesn't mean though that he didn't serve overseas, officers had to claim their medals so it could be that he didn't feel it necessary.

You need to have a look at the file linked to by Jon, it may tell you a bit more about his service.

The London Gazette can be used to follow much of his service, Mick's listed quite a bit but there are a few later entries that show he subsequently served with the Labour Corps.

LG#30270, 5 September 1917. Link is Here

Labour Corps.

The undermentioned temp. Capts. to be temp. Capts. 15 Aug. 1917, retaining present seniority: —

F. S. Dodson, from Gen. List.

LG#31521, 25 August 1919. Link is Here

Labour Corps.

Temp. Capt. F. S. Dodson relinquishes the actg. rank of Maj. on ceasing to be empld. as Agric. Comdt. 1 Aug. 1919.

LG#32099, 26 October 1920. Link is Here

Labour Corps.

Temp. Capt. F. S. Dodson relinquishes his commission on completion of service, 27 Oct. 1920, and is granted the rank of Maj.

Hope this helps a little.


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Thanks Steve for your advice and the extra information from The London Gazette, interesting stuff. I believe Fred went on to be the Mayor of Taunton in 1921-22, according to information I found online at Somerset Records Office. They have a photo of him and his wife which I will try to get a copy of.

Thanks again


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