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13th Bn. Rifle Brigade attd. 11th Trench Mortar Bty


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hi all,

i'm new here researching a long lost relative.

apparently he was on the western front from early 1915(i have postcards from him dated aug 1915)possibly near lens.

i'm interested to find out the movements of the unit he was with from the beginning to the end of the war.

many thanks for any info or help in pointing me in the right direction.


Name:NOTT, FREDRICK WILLIAMInitials:F WNationality:United KingdomRank:RiflemanRegiment/Service:Rifle BrigadeUnit Text:13th Bn.Secondary Unit Text:attd. 11th Trench Mortar Bty.Age:25Date of Death:26/05/1918Service No:S/27693Additional information:Son of Annie A. Nott, of 55, Bramah Rd. Brixton, London.Casualty Type:Commonwealth War DeadGrave/Memorial Reference:Q. I. C. 3.Cemetery:ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN

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Hi Paul,

Given his number of S/27693 he would not have been in France for 1915, looking at a few numbers around that mark we are in the November/December 1915 time for joining up.

I do not have the 11th T.M.B. Diary but have the 13th RB diary, the 13th arrived in Havre on 30/7/15.

His Medal Index Card indicates entry into theatre after 1/1/16 and his Medal Roll shows 13th RB only and there is no 1914-15 Star roll for him. 1914-15 Star rolls for entry into theatre for 1915 period stops at approximately S-13500, or just under that number.



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hi andy,

thankyou so much for the documents and photograph.

you are of course right when you talk about the dates of being in france and i got the 2 brothers confused while i was looking at their cards.

here is the front of the fredrick nott card


and here is the back of the fredrick nott card


the other card i was looking at was from his brother bert nott.


and the back of the bert nott card


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i know this is asking alot but do you know the battles the rifle brigade were in during 1918 as i would like to know roughly where he was injured/killed.

i do have a couple of other lase cards from the brothers one has writing the other doesn't, also just so you know bert nott survived the first and second world wars and died in 1946.

many thanks for your help.

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  • 1 year later...

hi all,

just a little update.

i managed to get a copy of "for the duration" by d.h. rowland so if anyone wants infomation about the 13th bn. rifle brigade just let me know.

cheers paul

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