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Remembered Today:

Russian military reforms Peter the Great to WWI

John Gilinsky

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The above is to a link to a partially internet available book,viz.:

“Reforming the Tsar’s Army : Military Innovation in Imperial Russia from Peter the Great to the Revolution.” Cambridge,UK: Cambridge University Press 2004

Editors: David Schimmelpennicnk van der Oye; Bruce W. Menning

ISBN: 0 521 81988 1 (hardback)

Collection of essays by various authors including several by the editors

See for example: Chapter 11: The Offensive Revisited: Russian Preparation for Future War, 1906 - 1914 by Bruce W. Menning

Google of course has NOT digitized or scanned the entire book but only much of it. Unfortunately 2 of the more time relevant essays are NOT available in the Google version including Chapter 11!



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