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Ypres - what's new in last 3 years?


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Dear Pals,

I've been allowed 2 days and nights in Ypres this coming weekend as we make our way up to Holland for half-term. Wife and daughter will keep themselves amused in town shopping etc while I take my mother to some of the family graves in and around the salient - as well as popping down to Vimy. I want to pack as much as possible into my brief allotted time - including seeing anything new since I last made it over there 3 years ago.

One of the limiting factors will be my mother's wish to attend a catholic mass on the Sunday in Ypres, preferably earlyish in the morning or in the evening - in order to make the most of the daylight.

My questions therefore are:

1. Does anyone know suitable church service times and locations? I expect she'd like St Martins or somewhere fairly central

2. Is there anything new in the salient (from the WW1 perspective) that has been added in the past three years?

Grateful for any information. Thanks in anticipation,


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