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Self Drive Tours?

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Walk in the direction you were driving and up the track to the left towards the Sheffield Memorial Park. Stop at the first cemetery your reach on the left, turn with your back to it, and you are looking at where Matthew Copse was, and the ground over which the Bradford Pals attacked. Many of them are just behind you.

You can drive down this track if you prefer, its easy to miss when driving but is immediatly after the trees. I'd say it must be a close to a mile or so from the road to Luke copse. Its a narrow track but very passable and you can turn around very easily at Sheffield Park cemetery and further down at Luke copse.

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Hi all,

re. accommodation on the Somme, it's amazing nobody ever mentions a place called 'Les Bieffes' in Mailly-Maillet (27 rue Pierre Lefebvre) - that's the first house on your right when entering the village from Serre Road No. 2 (the one with the Canadian flag and Union Jack). The landlady, Paulette, is quite a character but the old house (a former medical post) is virtually a private museum, with some interesting items on display.

No E-mail address but you can book on 03 22 76 21 44.

I always stay there when visiting the area and I've never been disappointed, so why not give it a try ?



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I have done both organised and personal tours . I have found that with a little preperation and research the personal self drive and walk type is best for me.



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Just to update and say thanks to everyone.

Finaly bit the bullet and booked the trip. Leaving guernsey 10/04. Albert and 4hour drive via St Malo couldn't get the two nights I wanted at Avril williams so Best Western in Albert reviews seem good. then on to Ieper for a couple of days.

If anyone wants anything from around Albert or Ieper leave a message and I'll see what i can do.



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